Wicked Writer of Turbulent Tales…


 Book 1 – Murdering Eve


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Thrust into a mythical world by a violent act no human could have survived, Eve Moore must embrace her fate, discover her powers, and fight … or be thrown into Acheron, the Underworld River of Pain. And time is running out

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Book 2 – Battle Heat 

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 Holly Okeanos is alone, descended of a defeated race whose adult males have all been either killed or imprisoned. Thousands of years have passed since the Great War, but Holly refuses to fear the Gods who conquered her people, a warrior to her core. Now a prisoner to the God of War, she is torn between loyalty to her race and the overpowering attraction she feels for the fearsome man who led the bloody battles that destroyed them all.


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Book 3 – Iron Defiance


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Amelee, a princess of the Seelie Court of Faery, is engaged to one man out of duty, but desperately loves another. She’s accepted her fate, but when her adopted child is abducted she turns to Arganos, the forbidden Olympus war Captain, instead of her fiancée for help. Fueled by Faery Court politics and dangerous secrets, the three unite in a fragile alliance to find the child of their hearts and must defy that which they hold most dear—family, loyalty, and a treacherous Queen’s rule— as they discover how much each will sacrifice for love.