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Kelly Lee Blog: Ransom Note keyboard

I love my keyboard. It’s old. It’s a little dirty. And I’ve written three books on it, therefore many of the keys are naked because I’ve rubbed off the letters. This is fine for me, because I fly through my typing like crazy with nary a look down. However, not so fine, for my  7 year old daughter who wants to use my computer for homework.

A few days ago, we broke open the box on my shiny new label maker, and I printed out labels for the keys, to make it good as new. My daughter carefully cuts them and sticks them to the correct keys. I must say, I did not expect the result to look a bit like a ransom note.

ransom note keyboard

But after I think about it, I kinda dig it. So now I’m all like…..”Give me a million bucks, and I’ll let you use the computer.”  She was not amused.

Any piece of equipment, cell phone, or pair of shoes you can’t get rid of, no matter how worn out, duct-taped, or ratty they might be?




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